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Is it possible to run a small gasoline car 100% on hydrogen alone ? Answered

Theoretically you can, but did anyone really do this with success ? Anyone knows of a link that has all the details for such a project ? I need to know how big the hydrogen generator should be and how to safely connect the hydrogen supply to the motor, how to mix the hydrogen with oxygen and what ratio, is it better to mix with pure oxygen or just normal air or maybe hydroxy just works fine ?! How to prevent firebacks... too many little details to be discussed.. so anyone has any usefull info just throw it at us please to try to make a really efficient 100% hydrogen powered car.



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Run the numbers. A 2 liter engine at 1000 rpm is going to need 2 x 1000 liters of air + combustible gas, air is 21% O2 and you need twice as much H2 as O2. That's about 30% (8 parts N2 + 2 parts O2 + 4 parts H2 is 4/14=28.5%), so 2000 x .30 = 600 liters of H2 per minute (at 22 liters per mole STP, that's about 27 grams of H2, or about 220 grams of water hydrolyzed). Can you picture 10 liters per second of H2 production? It's about the same as a 7 hp air compressor.

your calculations are incorrect.

A 2 litre 4 stroke engine running at 1000 RPM needs 2000/4 = 500 litres of air fuel mix. The fuel/air ratio being 13: 1 , meaning 38 litre of HHO + 462 litre free air. Achievable , but it is better to mix it with gasoline / diesel to "enhance" efficiency , not chase the goal of total HHO operation.

. Cut your figures in half. For a 4-cycle engine, one revolution is used for compression and no air/fuel is pulled in. Ie, your 2L engine will only suck in 1L per revolution. . Still a lot of gas.

Yah, you're right. The first time I did this was for a 2 cycle and forgot about 4 cycle difference this time : P

Those are really big numbers, i never thought it might be something like that ! Really disapointing !! But in reality it doesn't seem that the car sucks such amounts of air, i mean when you put your hand in front of the air filter opening of a car it doesn't seem to be sucking such huge amounts of air. The numbers you displayed seems like the air intake of a hoover carpet cleaning machine !

A vacuum cleaner is sucking closer to 150 cubic feet per minute or more-about 5-6 times as much air threw a smaller tube.

Yes. Current F1 Cars Use a Style of System Developed for Water to Hydrogen Conversions by Stanley Meyer. They aren't bringing them to Market because that is what their Secret to Winning is. They use a system that converts the water in the F1 fuel to hydrogen and technically aren't using the F1 Fuel Right. What they use is a Frequency Generator Powered by a Alternator likely with a 12v to 240v convertor.., that then runs a train pulse from a small computer circuit board you can buy smaller versions over the internet of, that breaks the water the best, that Stanley Meyers Developed in 1990 and Then Payed for a World Patent. This Patent. I don't think the F1 Teams are Paying the Late Inventors Wife Marilyn either. F1 Teams Using this patent, made it without the Laser, instead using a spark plug. Likely cause you could use a Tesla Coil Spark Plug and It would be Hotter thatn the laser. SThe FACT both have the same Resonance Cavity in the same location, and the same discharge style nozzles to the chamber.. is the Give away. They not Only have Proven it Works, they are "Curious" in Ads now because I posted this stuff on ESPN F1.. So you are seeing what they are Keeping under lock and Key, and would likely sue me if they hadn't stolen it. They are using a patent Stanley, if he was Alive, would be suing them over. They Win F1 Races. He said Anyone can use his product if they bring it to public. They have not. Would you use a assumed murdered inventors product to win races instead of help the imaginary "fuel shortage" and Need for Fracking and Refinery black smoke, tained water from fracking.. Smells from Wells, Fracking Burners, and Refineries that blow over their neighbors.. F1 Doesn't CARE.. They Make MONEY with This HIT Product that the Inventor isn't Around to Promote Anymore. They did a study and 500 feet away from anything oil burning, including your home depending on heater fuel. is 8 times more likely to get cancer. These water to hydrogen fuel injectors are a long time coming. The only way we get them in cars is complaining online. But I can't be the only one. The public is going to not be happy with F1 Teams, so the Media isn't carrying the story.. I think they should have to pay out, along with all the auto makes shelving this and vaporizer carbs.. that's all of them.. they all should pay to retrofit everyones cars to water or a 100mpg Ogle vapor system, and install a roll cage with side bars. If Not that Too, then all should have to NEED the Next Model as a Tube Frame Design. Racing is ALL Tube Frame, crashing over 150 mph with Sponsors Paying THEM, and We Have Kids on Phones Dying at 40mph in the Same So called CARS. It's Negligence on Safety with the Vaporizers ont he Shelf and Nothign with a Roll Cage, and it's Criminal Winning Races using a Murdered Inventors Product without Bring it to Public. I would PRAISE them had they Brought a Car to Public. I've Known since about 08 about the Vaporizers and Water System Patents. I went to autobody and mechanics school, they son should but they don't teach anyone about it there. I posted this stuff on their website.. the school i paid $25000 to go to, giving their students answers in what to go into .. and they blocked me from their page. Does that give you an idea about how the industry feels about knowing we were robbing the public and promoting fracking over this?? I find it embarrassing because I am a Certified TECH in the Industry, watching lies in Ads. Lies to the Congress asking for Bailouts. Money. There isn't a Vehicle for Sale with over 60mpg.

Stanley Meyer 1990. https://www.google.com/patents/US5293857

Ogle Vapor System Patent, 100mpg. https://www.google.com/patents/US4177779

If you can't understand that.. this is just like that. redneck style. The Ogle System Essentially runs the car through the tanks vent.

This is F1 Mercedes, F1 Renault, F1 Haas, and F1 Ferrari's Fuel Injection. Quoting: http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/opinion/f1/ferr...

Take the BUS. That's Mobile Exxons Solution to Vaporizer Carbs Suppression.. #TaketheBus. https://www.exxon.com/en/fuel-efficiency

This is a Exxon Screen Fuel Filter that Heats too 660 degrees. Not a Tank Heater, TRUE.. this is Airplane.. But What Is SEE is Boiled Fuel Headed to a Engine to Give a Boost in Mileage. Fuel has a LOW Temp Boil Temp. This is a Inline Vaporizer. https://www.google.com/patents/US2729338

Here's My Favorite Kinda Like a Screen that Heats Up. A Toyota Fuel Float that Heats Up. This is Heating Up Float.. a Retort Float Vaporizer. They were using this or a Screen Heating Element in Race Cars a Long Time. https://www.google.com/patents/US4207277

One of GM's Vaporizer Carbs. https://www.google.com/patents/US3851633

Izuzu is also GM. Izuzu vaporizer Carb. https://www.google.com/patents/EP0208205A1?cl=en

Philips Oil 1972 https://www.google.com/patents/US3845749

Shell Oil www.google.com.br/patents/US3939813

Nasa's Tax Paid Retort Vaporizer Carb. WE OWN THIS. Tax Paid Research, Taxes Paid for the Patent. https://www.google.com/patents/US3640256

Nissans 2003 www.google.com/patents/US7146801

Toyota in 1983.. https://ipv4.google.com/patents/US4395993

International Harvesters Vaporizer Carb https://www.google.com/patents/US2012525

Holley Carbs Vaporizer Carb. http://www.google.as/patents/US1648515

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This is NASCARS Most Winning Tech Builders Fuel System Design. A Vaporizer System. Richard Pettys Chrysler Crew. http://rexresearch.com/yunick/4862859.htm

Resonance Cavity US5293857-11.pngStanley Meyers 1990.jpeMercedes and Ferrari Jet One Injection.jpe

Or we can mix butane fuel.with hydrogen fuel for more efficient combustion

In our region we use 100% cheap goverment butane fuel for about $1.5 , with 1 kg used for 75 km city zone, but not good at hill road area, for 998cc carburetor gassoline engine. I know it is still.fossil fuel, but it wold helpfull for farmers small engine, i can show you the construction

Yes it is possible to run your car on no petrol , lpg, ethanol using hydrogen on demand threw electrolasis. I have done it and continue to do it .
100% no more revenue to the fuel companys. 

Hi Hydroganic,
few quick questions on your experience.
Upto what RPM you are running your car?
what engine size?
r u running on wet cell or dry cell?
how far can you drive in one go without stopping? i.e. 150 miles straight one of drive?
do you start engine with hydrogen gas or start with petrol then convert to hydrogen gas?




Try not to stay up all night... ;)

Umm, you need both hydrogen and oxygen for the fire to burn.

What's the best link you've found so far? L