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Is it possible to split the picture from a game console, so that it plays on 2(or more) display (tv,lcd)? Answered

I want ot set up a system to play games on my 360 with my friends that will allow us to use 1 xbox360 to display on 2 or more tvs. Or can a console display be run through a computer? I know that it can be done with computers and i have seen "walls" of tvs in clubs that all have a combined picture, but i am trying to do this relatively cheap.  the "cardboard on part of the screen" idea has come to mind but i was hoping for something a little higher tech.   My team has split the gaming market, one of us has a ps3, myself an x360 and one a wii.  Thank you for your input and any help that you might be able to give me.  Happy Holidays.



Best Answer 8 years ago

that depends if you want the picture to stretch across both screens , or for each person to have a seperate screen. in the latter case, ya need a y jack , does not mater what kind as long as it is for composite cables

It is possible, its just unlikely with your computer. Most current graphics cards can support dual monitors, you would need one that supports four monitors. You would also need a card that accepted whatever input you are using with your system (RGA or HDMI). Then you would need your graphics card to be able to take the input image and split it between four monitors. That you would have to figure out yourself; its not something I've ever done.

There also might be a completely different and less complicated way. I don't really know. Try searching it to see if anyone else has done it. Good luck.

There aren't any common ways to split a video signal to 2 tvs...

You could run a video-in on a computer, with a multimon output to 2 displays, but again, as you said thats overly complex.

You want to prevent screenreading when playing local multiplayer I presume...Not a lot of options.