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Is it possible to switch on a computer CPU using a TV remote control?Is there any schematic for the circuit concerned? Answered

I am new to Electronics so it would be great if there is a simple way .


I haven't done any work with IR remotes but it seems like it would be possible to replace the power switch on your computer with an IR receiver. You'll need to find out exactly how different IR receivers work but all you need it to do is momentarily complete the circuit.

But would directly connecting the IR receiver instead of the switch work?

You will want to put the ir receiver in parallel with the switch. That way if something happens to the ir system you can still start the computer with the switch.

I agree with bwrussell. The power switch works by completing the circuit on a set of two pins on the motherboard.

Do you have a problem reaching the button?


No I don't have any problem reaching the button ..I just want to modify my CPU a bit .So I thought that it would be great if I put this idea to use with my CPU.

Check the manual for you mainboard; boards can have a remote-connection that just hasn't been used (less cost on the PC).
Otherwise you should probably connect a "device" to the pins on the board for the power-on button.


OK i'll check it out then..

Unfortunately there is no option for adding such external devices ....Is is not possible to replace the switch with an old toy car RC circuit?