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Is it possible to transmit an analog-videosignal with a mobilephone(instead of audio)? Answered


I wanted to ask if its possible to transmit an analog-videosignal with a mobile phone(instead of audio)?

Because I want to transfer a video signal over a distance more than 1km and (in Austria) if you got an wireless camera its only allowed to transfer with 1mW and so you got a Max distance of 100m.
Thanks for help



Well you've got a transmitter/receiver in there, but it's not built for the specific purpose you want.

If your phone does video-calling you could pick up the video-call with another similar phone.


hi, just wondering. if you did not want to go through the network and wanted to do this more like a free (say) 10 km walkie-talkie, and you wanted to do all the codeing and softwre for it:
A. Could it work
B. should i try this through an application or more through the actual phone software?

realy stuck on this idea any help would be great.

Walkie-talkies are cheaper and less hassle, are you serious?


unfonatly i am.
im more or less interested in how to do the code for it,
and im also interested in how you could do it and avoid using one of the networks.

any idea what im getting at? or im i just going on about random crap again?
if not could this acctuly work?

Yes, but if you want to use a mobile-network for video it is going to.
You might thing about an unlicensed (i.e. possibly illegal) transmitter, but that may also be expensive.


I believe this is what you are looking for.  It appears to be able to use the better cellphones to stream video over the cell system.www.ipixcel.com/