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Is it possible to use a cell phone to replace a 12v 2 amp voltage regulator if plugged into the wall? Answered



8 years ago


What are you trying to do?

basically trying to carry something less to work since I always carry my phone.
I figured if I wrote some software, I could do it if the volts/ amps would allow?
I know zero about electricity.

 no. cell phones are usually 5volt, low amp systems.

If you want to power something that is 12v, you need a 12 wall wart. make sure the amperage is high enough.

its most important to match voltage.

Volts and amps are like a hose. Volts are how wide the hose is, and amperage the pressure. As long as the voltage is fine, any excess amperage is unused. the circuit will only take what it needs.

there is no option for me to choose this as the best answer, but this is the best answer.

But what do you want to power?