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Is it possible to 'weld' polymorph? Answered

I've ordered some polymorph (shape lock, friendly plastic) so I'll be able to try it myself in a few days, but I was wondering if it's possible to attach (for example) a polymorph rod to a block by heating a spot with a pen-torch and hot air attachment then pushing the rod against it?


Simply heat a peace of metal, press it on both regions you want to weld to melt them, then press those peaces together.

You may even be able to do it by dipping the end in boiling water, softening it, and then pressing it in place.

Done it a gazillion times, and it works like a charm as long as you warm up both sides of the 'weld'.

 yes, do what kiteman says, if you use flame around polymorph it wil turn black and dirty, and wont go as well as you think.

glue the rod to the block with cianoacrilate glue(super glue) its the best glue for plastic, and smooth materials :D

You making anything exciting Andy?

I've all sorts of ideas at the moment and nowhere near enough time to bring them all to hardware fruition, but I have been wanting to make a small robot for a while.  The initial idea was for a wheeled one which turned into a 2 servo 4 legged walker and has now evolved into a 4 servo 4 legged walker as I'd like to play around with different gaits.  I was after a way of making an adjustable test-bed to try different servo alignments and tonight I discovered letsmakerobots.com and some clever uses for polymorph.  I've never played with the stuff so it was off to eBay for a packet.  Looks like a useful substance.

I would expect so, since you can remelt.  By weld, you do mean polymorph to polymorph, yes?  any other mating will not be a weld, and many plastics will not "stick" to prototyping plastic. Remember also that temperature is your enemy for durability...