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Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you? Answered

Hey guys. coolcrafter101 here. This question has been bothering me, so I thought I'd ask y'all. Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you? As a general rule I follow anyone who follows me, and then some. But my friends have been talking about arguments they have been having with people who don't follow them back ect. So is it or isn't it? 


I don't think it's rude...

90%+ of the members that follow me don't have anything on their page, so there isn't really any point of following them. If they ask, I probably will follow them because it doesn't really matter...

Why would someone be mad that you didn't follow them back, if they didn't even ask?

I don't really know. I do a lot of theatre, and all my friends have Instagram ect. and are all talking about who followed them, who then unfollowed them... Blah blah blah... Idk

pretty common for someone following me to have never shared an -ible themselves. So if I were to follow em, there wouldn't be anything there.

I'm not inspired to follow anyone that I don't feel like doing so. Maybe they follow 1000 people, but don't actually look at their stuff. If I want to follow 3 peeps, and actually look at their stuff, that seems more real.

I don't really follow anyone, mainly because of a lack of time.
And let's face it: If you have a few hundred followers - how long do you need to actually read everything about them? ;)

True, I mainly do it now because I have about 3 followers. And to be nice. IDK, it's confusing.