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Is it safe for me to connect two different size male phono jacks together? Answered

I know this sounds like a stupid question but it involves the risk of losing 2 expensive pieces of equipment. By Connecting the 3 wires from one jack to the corresponding wires on the other jack, am i putting my camera to risk in any way?



Best Answer 7 years ago

It sounds like maybe you're trying to record audio and/or video from camera to camera... instead of trying to wire the two jack ends together (by removing the RCA ends?) just grab a few barrels from Radio Shack. You're going to spend about $4 for 3 barrels and the quality will be better, your cords intact, and you're not risking wiring it up wrong.

Whenever connecting equipment with homemade cables you are risking damage -- between accidentally hooking voltage lines to data lines, or shorting power directly to ground -- you can damage your fun stuff.

What exactly are you hooking up? The only things I can think that use a phone (phono?) jack are remote flash, microphone in, video/line out, and shutter trigger -- three wires makes me think stereo microphone...considering your question keywords.

Connecting the jacks is perfectly safe . . . It's what happens when you plug them in to the equipment that's the worry.
What exactly are you plugging them into at each end?

If you are asking us then don't do it because you could interpret our info the wrong way and screw up you cameras so save up a little cash a get the right equiment


7 years ago

Are considering making a pigtail? That is, making a cable that has, for example a USB series A plug and a mini USB series B plug. So as long as you wire them correctly, it should not cause any problems. Just don't plug them in simultaneously.