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Is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher? Answered

Hi, everyone!

A cutlery basket in my dishwasher got broken. I want to repair it with 3D printed parts.

Does anybody know is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher? I mean that there are hot temperature, steam, and chemicals inside and it will connect with dishes.

Thanks in advance!


If washing in a dishwasher use a less intensive wash setting with the lowest temperature setting possible and always place on top rack (never on bottom).

Forgot to add, ABS is not a food safe plastic so never wash with anything you plan to use for eating.

"ABS is not a food safe plastic"
Thank you so much! It is the information, I was looking for because I wanted to use ABS for repairment my broken dishwasher bin.

Here there is a special warning about dishwasher!

The inside of your dishwasher will never be above 100 deg C However it is a very caustic atmosphere which may cause some plastic to age and crack.

It may be you have to try it to see.

Thank you for the comment, I can try, but I wonder if ABS could emit some dangerous chemicals at high temperature and caustic atmosphere.

Hardly, its used for kids toys, that may well need washing hard and hot.

I'll disagree on 100C. I melted somethin once. seemed to be during the drying cycle. theres a heat element in there that seems to come on after water is drained.

Melted part of a soda making machine. don't recall if it was the polycarbonate bottle, or other parts. I was probably fine during the scalding water cycles. But not during the hot drying cycle.

Thank you for the link. The most important is the "SECTION 10: STABILITY AND REACTIVITY"
No information about reactions with caustic // good.

"Hazardous Decomposition products:
At temperatures >300deg C (572deg F), polyethylene may emit various oligomers, waxes and oxygenated hydrocarbons as well as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and small amounts of other organic vapors (e.g. aldehydes, acrolein). Inhalation of the decomposition gases may be hazardous."
Hope "small amounts of other organic vapors" will not be emitted at 100 C.
So, it looks like quite safe for use in the dishwasher.

I agree to Maker_exe, ABS is hard and brittle and will fall apart, have you considered nylon?

I've had nylon tips on stuff like solder suckers (for de-soldering electronics.) It withstood melted lead/tin. thats hot stuff.

Thank you for the comment, I have not printed nylon yet, but I can try.
I wonder if nylon does not emit any dangerous chemicals at high temperature and caustic atmosphere.

I think it should be fine.

A note on printing nylon. It is not trivial. I could not make it stick to a glass surface and if using tape it would stick to the tape a lot. Put it into the dish washer or soak it over night.
Slicing for nylon will make more support structure than for ABS or PLA (because the material is flexible). You might either think about how to get rid of the support structure or design/slice it in a way that you don't have any.

I would notit probably won't melt but may become flimsy and probably erode and break over time

Thank you for the comment, I don't worry about getting flimsy and erode.
I wonder if ABS can emit some dangerous chemicals at high temperature and caustic atmosphere.