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Is placing, adding and changing shapes how all of this is done? Answered

I( find this enjoyable and the way you describe the process easy for an old geezer as I can do this. I know there is more to this than what was in the first lesson so is the gist of this process just adding,placing and changing various shapes how most of this stuff is done?

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-10-19

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up when it comes to Tinkercad. There are shape generators that developers make that are a slightly different animal- they come with sliders to change different parameters to make new shapes. But in general, yes- shapes, holes, and groups are the main tools you use to make everything.

Mikeasaurus and Paige Russel both have lots of cool Tinkercad projects that get into more practical, every day uses of the program with 3D printing, have a look at their pages.

I'm glad you're enjoying the class!

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