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Is that your ring phoning? Answered

Here's half an idea - a ring that displays text messages.
It might look like nothing more than a ring at first glance, but this finger-worn device can sync with your mobile phone. It has a vibratory alert and a tiny screen that shows caller ID, text messages, and meeting reminders from your mobile. Flip it open and it converts into a headset.
In the image, the screen looks glued on, but I guess that it could easily be a small piece of epaper.  As for being an ear-piece, I can't see how it would end up large enough to be comfortable or practical, yet still start off small enough to wear as a ring.

Now, if the some idea was expanded to a bangle, then an entire phone could be built into a bracelet small and slim enough to be discrete.

Now the embarrassing bit: I got this story off MSN...


LG have made a watch phone, its verygood its really sleek and unobtrusive.

Oh how i hate msn :)

Window's greatest mistakes; Bing and MSN.

Wow that's cool. Didn't I also see something about a wrist watch that could be converted into a phone via some nano-technological devices? I'd like to see that when it comes out.

Pretty cool. I guess this ranks as highly as the first people to wear those calculator-digital watches?


Wear as an earring?   You'd have to remove it every time you "vibrated"  LOL 

What's that buzzing in my ear?   It's nothing Gramps.....take your pill and you'll be ok.

Doesn't look overly comfortable as a ring either....but then I hate rings...and only wear the one, because my wife would see to it that I was buried with the ring earlier  than I had needed to be, if I didn't wear it.

8 years ago

 The screen does look pretty fake...

Wouldn't it just wrap around the top art of your ear and into the canal-ish area? 

Realy cool, I want one!

Although, those brass buttons look pretty uncomfortable...

I was going to comment on those brass parts as well...

I've seen shock collars with electrodes just like that.
And I also agree about the spuriousness of the "epaper."

Still, I must say it is a plausible idea and I think it'll be almost commonplace in a few months.