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Is the answerers group still open to join? Answered

NachoMahma is the creator of the "answerers group". I've tried to join it a couple of times over the past month or so, and all I get is a message that the group is "moderated". I've tried sending NachoMahma a PM, and it hasn't been read after 5 days....

I know the rule is you must have more than one "best answer", but in my case I don't think that's a problem.

Anyone know if this group is still active? 


Hi L.

PM sent.


I think the person who started that group has gotten REALLY busy. The last posting if from like 7 months ago. That's probably why your email has gone un-replied.

Yes, I noticed that also. I just wasn't sure if that mean that NM had left Instructables or was just really busy... :)

He has another group that he moderates. Doesn't he work for that slave driver Steve??? That would explain the lack of attention to the important stuff.

Aha... ;) I should have known that Steve had something to do with it. :P

Ohh, someones never seen 300 (including me) he just yells THIS IS SPARTA!! at some point. (you said "this is Steve" so...)

Oh sure.... that's what they all say. *rolls eyes* (lol)

Ok, although i think the joke got killed some where along the way. :P

Just to clarify, the guy in the photo is suppose to be yelling "this is Steve" (he isn't Steve) :P


6 years ago

You are only half way there ;-)
Before your score has advanced
you need to forbear
and trust in providence.


Easy for you to say :P

I replied, but it got posted as an 'answer' after you deleted and re-wrote your rust into trust.. lol... so ya, now i can't delete my comment.

(ps. if we work really hard at this we might crash the server. LOL)

Sounds like a fermentation process.... interesting initiation to the group. :P

disregard this... it was in reply to iceng (before he deleted and rewrote his comment) *sigh* - now it won't let me delete my comment. *rolls eyes*


6 years ago

I haven't seen NachoMachma around here lately, it appears that his last post was in September. He may have moved one. Since he is the moderator of the group only he can allow you into the group. I don't know if any one can or is willing to step in and take over.

Ya, I was just trying to find out if anyone knew what was going on. I know that only NM can let people in, I just thought that after almost 2 months I would have got an answer already. Maybe your right. Maybe he's move on. ?