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Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..??? Answered

Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..???


No roller coaster that is allowed to operate in the US is a chaos machine, regardless of ill-informed comments to the contrary

Traditional roller coasters are not, as there is a high degree of engineering involved to make sure it's a safe and predictable ride every time.  However, check out the Flying Turns ride at this amusement park.  They've been working out the bugs for years, but due to the fact that it's more like a bobsled on wheels than a track coaster, chaos theory applies.

absolutely not precision is key with roller coasters one mistake and lives are at stake

I say no.  But I can't back that up with much of an intelegent argument though.

A chaos machine can be affected by a tiny change and get very different results.  A roller coaster can be affected by large variables and get almost the same exact result every time.

Run it empty it returns to the starting point every time.  Run if full it returns to the starting point.  Overload it to a certain amount and it returns to the starting point.  Rain or shine, high wind or no wind, sunny or dark it still runs.  You could even start it in some places other than the start and it would still return to the beginning.  In all of the other places you might start it, it would be possible to determine what the coaster would do mathmatically and where it would stop.

That just doesn't fit the definition of a chaos machine to me.