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Is the stepper motors from ebay good enough quality for a cnc router? I've seen 300 oz/inch motors go for 50$...? Answered



When you boil it all down, you find the best prices on made-in-china, ebay, and diy-cnc sites that buy bulk and kit out parts.  The reality is that 99% of them are made in asia already, so you need to rely on reviews - likely on forums - for a particular brand where people can say whether a part is trustworthy or bogus. 

GENERALLY:  Everything I buy direct from china works.  I pay less tax, virtually no markup, and free shipping.  If those conditions aren't present, buy elsewhere.  Also, get stuff with a good return policy - just to be sure.

 Thankyou for your answer.
Do you have any examples of good chinese vendors of cnc materials? Like acme threads, steppers(and controllers for them) etc.


Not directly, but check out the forums on diycnc.org (might be wrong url, google 'diy cnc')

I have a superb TIG set  bought directly from China - and their spares support is second to none.


I've seen plenty of people using them.