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Is there ANY semi auto knex revolver that is good? Answered

i need a semi auto revolver it can be pull fire with semi auto revolving


love it please make instructions


There is only one semi auto revolver in existence right now, but the builder of it never posted it because it broke and he couldnt fix it. The best way to make a semi auto revolver would be just to combine one of the many turrets from Killerk's BR series with Ednator 55 (or however his name was spelled)'s semi auto mech.

You don't have a revolver.  If you're talking about your storm 222 that's technically not a revolver, its a chain fed MG with semi auto capabilities.

It's not a bloody MG, it's a semi auto. There's no full auto mode.

Well its a chain fed gun that is semi automatic.  What the hell do you call these guns anyways?

I'm pretty sure it's a called a "chaingun" but it has semi-auto.... But didn't TJ just say it revolves? That doesn't mean it's a revolver.

And why hasn't Loosewire posted it yet?

Storm 222 has a semi auto revolver at the front. Mod that to be smaller.

I might rebuild mine its semi auto and uses a hammer


please post that, if you do i will favorite, subscribe, build, and rate 5*.

i could TRY to build it from the picture, it looks very difficult though.

you can't as the rotation mech is hidden, and I can actually remember how it worked =P

I cant at the moment I dont remember how it was made! btw before was a typo

yeah im thinking of building something using extreme builders semi system, and the trifle 1 turret system for a new semi

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He changed from the name welcome to logic boy, read the last to comments carefully. LOL

Youve got to post this. This looks awesome!

logic make that and it will be be a hit no joke

Knexsayer or BR18 should work fine.

There are not alot, but some are good.