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Is there a 12 Step Program for my Instructables addiction? Answered

I just published my 3rd paltry ible. This one was in the duct tape challenge. Problem solved you say? Not even close! I've been having duct tape dreams and nightmares for a week. More ideas keep popping up in my head.  I need help!


It's not mental illness, and it's not an addiction.

The reason you keep having these duct tape dreams is because God and/or the Universe itself, is speaking through you. I don't want to put any pressure on you, but I think you may be instrumental part of humanity's salvation through duct tape.   Or to put it another way:

You are the Chosen One, and you are among friends.

At least write down some notes or something.  I don't know if anything you've dreamed up is really divine.  I mean I come up with lots of good ideas, but actually building something, and then taking pictures, and writing an 'ible: That's hard work!  So I'm just saying it'd be okay for you, and humanity, and robotkind, if you don't write it up into an 'ible.   Just jot some ideas down, and maybe come back to it later, if you want to.  No pressure.

I like this answer, even if it is a little foo foo fairytaleish. (Maybe we're both kings of denial?)

I like your handle Jack A Lopez even better! If there was a prize, you'd win it hands down.

Don't get creeped out if you see me following you.


7 years ago

Some males are easily addicted :-D

It is good to be adicted to ible than drugs.


7 years ago

If it gets out of control all you have to do is cancel your internet, or not quite so drastic, switch to dial up. The waiting for things to load will slow your addiction.

I'm married. I want to stay that way. Thanks anyway!

You just have to keep on making - There is no cure!

Bad news is that your ideas get grander and grander and hence more expensive.

Good news is you have all the more reason to buy all those shiny new tools you always wanted.

Just remember once in a while to make something useful then the people round you won't notice your ill.

I see a glimmer of hope. Or maybe it's the light in the tunnel of an oncoming train.

Do you want to know how I cured mine? - Read my forthcoming Instructable.
(DOH! - Relapse!)

Fella... you got it worse than I do. You have sympathies!

Immersion therapy is the only answer.