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Is there a DIY solution to wrangling my air compressor hose? Answered

My 25ft air compressor hose will take any opportunity to tangle and I would love to be able to use it without buying a pre made hose reel.


Suggestion: Learn to flip-coil the hose. (Websearching on that term will find instructional material.) Flip-coiling balances the twists in a cable or hose; the result is very little strain on the coil AND very quick and easy uncoiling, together with some resistance to tangling.

I don't know if there's already an Instructable on flip-coiling. There are enough other tutorials that it would probably be redundant, unless someone has a useful variant or it's imbedded in instructions for something more complex...

Tangled Hose?

I've got two suggestions for you.

1st: Find an empty spool from a MIG wire fed welder or a similar device.  Bolt the spool to the air compressor and wind your hose up on this.

2nd: If your air hose is too long for the spool you then can cut the spool in half (perpendicular to the circle).  Then mount the two spool halves onto a piece of angle iron or suitable surface and ensure they are far enough apart to accomodate the length of air hose you have to wind up.

See the pictures I've uploaded for you.  These will show you how I did the same thing to my gas welding cart hoses over 18 years ago.

Good luck and I hope this has helped you in some way.



just keep it straight thats what i do

. Find an old garden hose reel at a garage sale or build your own. Leave a very short tail from the inner wrap (so it doesn't get in the way when reeling the hose) with a male coupling. Short piece of hose from the compressor with a female (sealing) coupling. You won't be able to reel the hose while connected to the compressor, but much simpler than a rotating seal.

or if you roll the hose from the center you may be able to roll it whenever you want but then yo uhave he roll at the center of it and not at the end