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Is there a MacOSX viewer for iSite PACS scan data? Answered

I have two CDs from my doctor with MRI, PET, and CT scans. They include a standalone viewer called iSite (from Philips), which is PC/Windows only. I've tried OsiriX, but the iSite data format on CD appears to be proprietary. At least, there is no DICOMDIR files.

After eight months, no responses :-(



Best Answer 8 years ago

All - Yes, the file format is proprietary and is typically not viewable with regular viewers. If you check with your doctor to see what version of Philips iSite they are using (hopefully 3.5.87 or higher) they can burn you a cd with dicom which should solve your problem and be viewable with typical viewers.

Thanks for the info!  Unfortunately, this is the VA I'm dealing with, rather than any actual human being :-/  You've given me enough detail to know exactly what I'm up against.

You should be able to run it on wine (as I did).

Setup Homebrew (http://brew.sh) and make sure 'brew doctor' is clean. Then run 'brew install wine' on the terminal. I also had to run 'brew install gcc' before getting wine installed (brew told me to do it), and both installations took a very long time. After that, 'cd /Volumes/PHI-DATA' (replacing PHI-DATA with the name of your CD, thats just the name of mine) then 'wine ISITEMEDIAVIEWER.EXE' and you can run the viewer program.

Have not found a way to extract the photos to a non-proprietary format like JPEG though...

Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work. I got Wine installed successfully (along with a huge number of dependencies :-/), but it won't launch the viewer. I get half a dozen Windows error messages, prefixed with "fixme:..." and a little popup saying "Failed to load iSite ocx control." Oh, well....

Kelsey, although I am not overly familiar with the file type you mention, I do have similar scans from my last two hospital visits.  Does the code on the following site help?  I am unsure of compatibility, but if the code needs compiled, it may be useful.  

I have been able to view my x-rays via GIMP but the pictures don't include the fancy scales and other information available using the iSite viewer. I am also currently searching for a solution to viewing the entire file. I will post again if I find it.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I've tried several times, but GIMP won't recognize either the .dts files (iSite's proprietary format) or the associated un-suffixed files as images.

Thank you for the suggestion!  When I get home I'll give GIMP a try, and see whether it works for the MRI and PET scans.