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Is there a cheap, easy way to fancify cheap hand soap? Answered

I don't want to delve deeply into soapmaking. I just thought it would be easy to add sugar or salt (for that scrubby feeling) and old body spray (for scent) to my generic refill hand soap. But I've been playing around and I just wind up with completely unsuitable textures.  Basically it gets really runny and no matter how much sugar/salt I put in there, it doesn't flow through the dispenser so it doesn't get used.  Thanks. 


Thanks everybody... I have definitely made progress but not hit on an answer. I didn't have any sweetener so I tried baking soda, which felt nice but wasn't quite abrasive enough. Play sand feels really nice but won't go through a soap dispenser without clogging it (even one of the wide dispensers meant for "exfoliating" soaps). I am intrigued by the poppy seeds- bet that would feel awesome- but I think I would have the same problem.

Try softening it a bit by soaking in warm water for a few hours, then douse it in poppy seeds. Brush off enough that about 1/2-3/4 of the soap shows thru, press the seeds into the surface a bit and set to dry on a rack.

Try some play sand. It works and wont melt in water.

You want "grit" that isn't water-soluble (or soap with little water in it).
I can't think of anything at the moment, but that'll be your problem.


You could try something more powdery. Thinking along the same lines as you, you could use 0-calorie sweeteners. Most of them are more powder than grain. Plus, I would wager it won't be sticky.