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Is there a cheap way to reduce noise from workshop ?

Hi all,

I was wondering what the cheapest way is to reduce the noise coming from my workshop, which is basically a tin shed.

Im using it as a small forge and appreciate that the sound of hammer on anvil is not blockable (think thats a word) but i also use a belt sander, power tools etc, so would like to try and minimise the noise heard outside.

Any ideas ?

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Burf (author)2011-12-22

My first construction office was a walled off section my woodwork shop. I installed fiberglass insulation in the wall, put up 1/4" plywood on the wall on the shop side and then tacked a cheap synthetic turf to the wall. The turf cost around $3 a yard and was surprisingly effective at noise suppression.

vwluvrs (author)2012-01-05

Use a 2x6 floor plate, and use 2x4 wall studs. Stagger the studs, so when you attache drywall. it does not attach to BOTh sides of a stud. This will reduce your sound transmission significantly. Also, place fiberglass strip below floor plate before you install,, Soudd travels thru your floor into the wall.. 1" Rigid styrofoam insulation (think Ice box) on the furthest out surface on the interior of the walls, and then fill the remaining void with r-19 insulation. It will be a 'push' to ghet it all inside, but, the sound reduction will be amazing. Soft surfaces on interior to absord reverberated noises.

Kiteman (author)2011-12-23

Shut the door?

Re-design (author)2011-12-22

If you can get some scrap or used carpet, hang it on the walls. Carpet is a very good sound deadener. Watch out for the fire hazard though.

frollard (author)2011-12-22

Adding soundproofing materials is your best bet -- there are plenty of foams and fiber insulation products designed just for that. Distance plays a strong role too; if you can move the shed further that never hurt.