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Is there a cheap/free way to make the speakers on my cheap work stereo sound better and have more bass? Answered

I work in a factory so when I needed to buy a radio I went with the cheapest thing I could find at Walmart cause there's no sense spending lots of money on something thats gonna be completely covered in dust/fiberglass/etc. So of course the speakers are rubbish but I wanted to know if anyone knew a cheap or hopefully free way to improve the sound quality or more particularly the amount of bass they produce. Thanks in advance for any help, Jake2k

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Grand-Pa (author)2009-02-24


I built this one for the same application more or less. I found that some MP3s were ripped with more bass. you could try that. Be careful not to add to much bass or it will overload the radio and sound distorted.

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11010010110 (author)2009-02-08

to boost bass (actually reduce mid and treble) wind about 30 - 90 turns of wire around a big bolt and connect it in series with the speaker

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