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Is there a dry rub I can use on my dogs to "wash them"? Answered

I have 3 dogs and it is a royal pain in my (2 surgeries on my back in 2 years) back to wash them. I see ads for a product that does that, but im sure its a combination of Baking Soda and some other items. Any ideas would be great.


There is. It's known as a 'waterless-shampoo'. or waterless-bath, or just a dry-shampoo. It started for rats and rabbits, chinchilla's etc. But now there's even ones for humans, you see them on tv that claims they're sold at walgreens, zellers, walmart, etc. So of course there's one's for dogs. Though a real bath is best.
The best one for dogs right now is apparently the FURminator waterless shampoo for dogs.


8 years ago

they sell doggie wipes now too. I've seen them at walmart. Or maybe just use baby wipes? not dry but easier then a bath. Can you not take them to the groomer?

Ok, you're on the right track. Some folks recommend baking soda or cornmeal. Either one, full strength. Both work by absorbing and neutralizing odors and help to loosen dust and absorb excess oils. I personally think cornmeal is easier to work with and less likely to make your pet sneeze, but baking soda probably works better. Whichever one you try, you can add some plain oatmeal, it absorbs liquids and odors really well too. The ratio doesn't matter much so just use equal measures. The instructions for use is the same. Sprinkle some on your pet's back and sides wait a couple minutes and then brush it out. Gently rub some on their legs and brush it off. Do the same on their chest and belly if you can. Avoid tail, genitals, and head. Try to prevent the dog from sniffing up too much of it. It can be irritating and it will probably make both of you sneeze. Do not get it in your eyes or your pet's eyes. Keep in mind that a dry shampoo isn't a replacement for a regular bath. It'll make a dog smell a little sweeter and look a bit cleaner, but it's nothing compared to a good wash. Of course, the dog is perfectly happy to be filthy... so it really comes down to your personal preferences.