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Is there a particular season for ginger root? Answered

I was grocery shopping... one place (a Walmart Neighborhood Market) did not have any ginger (they did about two months ago). The next place (Publix -- a large supermarket chain in the south east) had some, but most of it was moldy and disgusting (surprising because Publix tends to keep very high standards). Just curious if there's a reason why I can't find any. I'm looking to experiment with homemade ginger ale - I had some in a restaurant, so I want to do some testing to come up with a similar recipe :D


Hi there The main producers of ginger is Guyana. The ginger crops are normally cultivated after about 9 months from planting. If you are going to grow your own it would be best done under glass as the humidity must be around 65% and the ambient temperature around 61 degrees farenheit. Do not allow the leaves to completely dry out before harvest as the quality of the rhyzome will be affected and become more fibrous. Ensure you store it in a well ventilated wooden or plastic crate.


11 years ago

I second the suggestion to find an asian market. If you're lucky, they'll have two types of ginger to experiment with: normal ginger and "baby" ginger (which has a thinner skin and isn't as tough.) To get ginger to keep longer, peel it and store in a bottle in the fridge, covered with dry sherry. You can use the (now ginger flavored) sherry in cooking; just replace with fresh sherry to keep the root covered.

Ah! It should be available year around. It's a tropical plant and is harvested regularly (a lot of USA's comes from Hawaii). If your grocery store is like mine though, it will only be available during the holidays because they don't think people want it all year. Locate an oriental grocery in your area to get it on a regular basis.

If you're planning on planting ginger root, you'll probably want to wait until the temperature is consistently above 65°F. Indoors is fine year-round.