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Is there a portable device you can get or make to clone a USB memory stick without using a computer, tablet or phone? Answered

My friend at uni is always giving me one of her flashdrives with notes on it. Instead of taking it home, having to transfer the files onto my computer and remembering to bring it back the next day (which I invariably forget to), is there some kind of portable device I can take to stick the memory stick into, which will just clone it on the spot.

I have never seen anything similar to purchase, but if someone has done it before, I would love to know how.


For the price of a handful of flashdrives, maybe 5, usb flashdrives, you could buy a handful of empty usb flashdrives, and keep these on your person, or in your backpack, or whatever.    That way you will consistently have an empty flashdrive to give to your friend, in exchange for the one she loans unto you.

Also as part of the deal, your friend will try not to loan you any files she does not already have a copy of, because she knows it could be days before she gets that particular flashdrive back.

For the price of approximately 10 usb flashdrives, I think you could maybe find an inexpensive tablet pc.  Here I am assuming a flashdrive costs about 8 to 10 USD, and a low end tablet pc can be found for around 80 to 100 USD.   Also I am assuming this tablet pc is somehow capable of transferring files from a usb flashdrive to its onboard flash memory.

I myself have never owned a tablet pc, but I have seen a video of this trick being done, specifically on a tablet running Android(r), um here:


4 years ago

Drop box might work good for what you are talking about. You drop the files into an on line "cloud" box and then you can retrieve them from any device. Its a free app. I got it but have yet to use it for anything.
You can also get an internet accessible network storage drive like the Seagate go Flex. Set it up at your house and you can transfer and retrieve files directly from it anywhere you can get on line. The speed is limited to the internet speed. Costs under 150. and has 2 TB of storage room.

Those are both great, but the issue is that I am not using an internet connection or a tablet/computer/phone at the time.