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Is there a software to test how much load a structure can hold? Answered

Is there any software where I can identify the material and the structure and then test how much load the structure can hold before it fails? My structure is a spaghetti bridge and I was wondering if such  software exists where I can input the data (material, dimension, shape, etc) and then identify a load unit and start applying it to the structure. Therefore, I would be able to enhance my bridge before execution. Thank you for your help!


Yes, Its called FEA (Finite Element Analysis) but its not something you just pick up and use without training and experiance in 3D CAD systems. Also seats are very expensive. Also I don't think you'll find pasta in the material catalog.
Instead learn about how real bridges and other spanning structures are built to pass loads and try to replicate that. If you google "bridge stress simulator" or bridge stress diagram pictures you may find the sort of thing you're looking for.

Autodesk inventor can.


4 years ago

Build a realistic model and test it to failure.

This will gives you insight into the failure mode or of your modeling technique.
Then use ratio math conversion to arrive at real world failure numbers.
Put in a Safety Factor of 50% (1/2) and build your structure,
confident your load will be supported by the structure.


There are but for the most part will be professional structural CAD systems that can do load calculations and you have to pay for them. I am not aware of any free options. (other than a spread sheet or pencil)

Auto CAD can do some stress calculations.