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Is there a utility that will allow me to program my computer to turn on and off at specific times? Answered

I want to be able to have my laptop turn on in the morning and hibernate or shut down at night.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Turning it on is tough. If it's hibernating, no programs are running that can wake it up. Other people have used things like wake on lan, but as this requires a second computer, it kind of defeats the purpose. Turning it on is hard, doing this manually might be easier. You can schedule a shutdown using Scheduled Tasks in the control panel. I'm not sure how to schedule a hibernate, but to schedule a shutdown, schedule shutdown.exe to run. Though, using the power management tool to hibernate after 1/2 hour of idle time might make more sense.

I think that's all I need. Now that I think about it, it would probably be better to turn it on manually so that I'm not wasting power not doing anything with it. the problem with Idle time is that this is for a laptop picture frame, so its idle the whole time.

check your bios it can usally be told t start the computer and if using windows check powwer managment settings for turning off

What you need is a remote IP power switch to do this. They were used quite a bit for Y2K.

Umm, I can think of a way, but it's kinda iffy it'll take some doing but... if you have an alarm clock you take the output of the alarm clock out and put a relay on it you could hook up the relay to the power button on the computer (depending on the model) then you would set the time on the alarm clock and that would be the time the computer would turn on if you're serious about doing this, though, I'm going to need the specifics on the computer model, alarm clock model, etc...

some computers have a power on setting in the bios. its called rtc alarm you need to shut down the computer completely for it to work and not power management options. hibrnation counts as shut down only if the computer is completely off when it hibernates