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Is there a way I can program an atmega16 easily, I mean the arduino way?? Easy language? Answered

The title explains it a lot, but I want to program my atmega16 through a rather cheap and easy DIY programmer. I would love to get the arduino software to work with it...
Actually Id love to buy an arduino, its not very costly in India, but only if i was allowed.... :/
Anyway, I have the atmegas and diodes and transistors and a 12mhz xtal and all sorts of things lying around.
Can i make it easy>?



8 years ago

Why not just use C, it's easy :)

:) might be, but considering myself as a newbie, and otherwise, whenever I see people coding for arduino I'm jealous enough to do it on my own..... but no luck yet.. :(


8 years ago

do you have a programmer for the chips? an FTDI cable / breakout can be used with an arduino to program it. Arduino also has iscp header, so it might be able to be programmed through arduino that way.

I did make this parallel ISP thingy which I can use with AVRDUDE... but that language seems a bit complicated to me when I see the arduino one... Right now im using programmers notepad to do it. the ISP thing is just the wires from the parallel port going into the chip... MOSI, MISO, SCK, RESET and GND.... and the chip is powered externally...