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Is there a way to convert a CO2 air gun to work with a compressed air tube? Answered

I have a CO2 air pellet gun and would like to convert to a compressed air tube....Is this possable?
I hope this does not break any rules for the site. If so I am sorry, please dissregard and let me know.
Thank you.

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Toga_Dan (author)2017-06-10

this is the sort of project I tend to carry up and down hardware store aisles until pieces come together .

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Toga_Dan (author)2017-05-28

co2 is at about 800psi at room temp, iirc.

A typical home compressor at maybe 120.

I doubt that 800 is really needed.

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cliveshep (author)2017-05-26

I have a couple of Inox Beretta 9mm gas-blow back BB guns. I bought them because I'm a big kid even though I'm retired and living in Thailand. The local Temples and also the Army and Air force bases often have fairs with side shows, one of which to my delight before had older Beretta gas-blow-back BB guns where they have removed the CO2 inlet valve in the magazine and screwed in small plastic lines from a compressor. You pay your money and they drop out a mag, use a loader to scoop and fill it with plastic BB's, stick it back in and off you go. The tube is soft and doesn't impede shooting.

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rickharris (author)2017-05-26

Apparently yes.

IF you ask google the question you will get a lot more hits as well.

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