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Is there a way to copy an instructable? Answered

I want to make a series of tablesaw sleds of various types. They all start with the same basic sled. Rather than refer people to another ible, I want to just copy the whole thing. Is there a way to do this? Is there a "Save as?"




3 years ago

If you save as a PDF you can specify which pages to save. Once that is done you should be able to copy and paste from the PDF. That is how it used to work with the old editor. I have never tried it with the new one.

I would just do one instructable from the sounds of it. Make the first few steps on the basic part and then later steps as the variations. I've seen guides with upwards of 50 steps! If you tag it right people will find it anyways.

Not sure I entirely understand what you're trying to accomplish but you could do 2 Instructibles. The first for making the basic sled and the second for all the variations; you can hyperlink between them with the last page of the basic sled linking to all the variations and the variations linking to the basic. Or make one Instructable that starts with the basic sled and then has a page for each variation. I don't think seperate projects that start out identically for each variation is the best way to go about it.

What I really need is a "Save As" function. Linking out from the basic sled to all the attachments is good, but having to go from the attachment back to a separate ible to build the foundation is not.

make a collection you can put your own prases on the cover page image and you could make you instuctable in small parts and link them together at the end the ones you making and insert others in between. like chapters of a book