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Is there a way to make my SNES controller have a USB adapter to plug and play on my Windows 7 PC? Answered

I would like to take my SNES controller and make a PC gamepad out of it to play my old SNES games through a ROM. I know retrolink has  similar products but I was not satisfied with it and would rather build my own.

If it is possible please explain how. If it isn't please explain why not. THANKS!


you have 2 options, A, find an adaptor, or B, hook up the connections of the controller to a parralell port, and use a simple program to create a keypress event for each corresponding button on the controller, on the computer, effectively simulating keyboard button presses with the controller which in realtime allows you to play your game with the SNES controller

I'm sure you could find one online. I know there are devices that allow you to convert the internal electronics of the controller to a USB interface. I remember that there's something like this with as NES controller somewhere on this site.

Check the instructables to the right. Also do a search for any SNES controller based Arduino projects. You should find several similar projects out there.