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Is there a way to make silly putty without liquid starch? Answered

I dont have any liquid starch and I want to make some silly putty. I want to use it as a sugru alternative for the life hacks contest.


true silly putty is a silicone plastic - It will never set and if left will ooze out under gravity so is a poor product for modelling anything.

Dissolve a nice saturated solution of cornstarch? (I don't know; I'm just guessing.)

I don't think silly putty and sugru are interchangable, though.

They arent interchangeable. but you can use sugru alternatives for the contest because it is so short. Im using some clay I found but thanks anyways.

As Rick said, Silly Putty is not an alternative for Sugru. Sugru sets hard, and hence can be used as a structural component. Silly Putty doesn't set, and cannot be used structurally.

I never meant it to be an alternative. I guess I worded it wrong. I was going to use it in my instructable to demonstrate. i've already made the ible but thanks anyways.