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Is there a way to transfer a program to a new computer? Answered

I have a copy of Liberty Basic, Gold Edition, and I am getting a new computer. I would like to know if there is any way to either a) Find my registration key (I'm not sure where it is), or b) Transfer it to a new computer.


i found my code in my archived e-mail. it probably is there unless you deleted it

Plug your old HDD into the new machine, they usually have a spare-channel.


go to 'computer',right click on your target drive and open the contents,open'program files' find the file containing your target software, right click and choose 'copy to' and send it to a USB drive or a CD. From there you open the usb/cd with a right click and scroll through the files until you find the setup .exe command and re install on your new drive. Just a quick note there are programs that can recover all reg keys from your system,I recommend the site Freeware Genius and search for a registration key recovery program.



i can lend you the cd again if you find the product key, but look in the help menu. it might be there.

There are tools for it. Try "PCMover" from LapLink- the entry level version moves EVERYthing from your old to your new computer, the middle version gives you some choice about what you move.


The work is a bit complicated. If you have a external hard drive or a high storage memory stick, you can go to C/: or D, I don't know where did you put it. I guess it is in C. Go to Program Files and search the Game's folder. Copy it and paste it on the memory stick, or external hard drive. Then go to your new computer and go to the same path, I mean Program Files and past there. Then open that folder and you should see the complicated things inside. You need is to find is the application icon, right click, send to, desktop. Now you should be able to use it now.


6 years ago

You should probably contact the makers of liberty basic and ask them (they might even be able to tell you what your registration code is) I am almost sure there is phone/email/website information in the liberty basic help menu.