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Is there a way to turn off a computer monitor with the keyboard, by a hot key or something like that? Answered

At work we have a computer hooked up to a fluorescent microscope and when we are analyzing something on the scope we need the room to be completely dark, which includes turning off the LCD monitor on the computer. But then we need to turn the monitor on again to capture images on the computer, so we are constantly turning the monitor on and off and it is starting to cause some wear on the on/off switch.

So my question is: is there a way to turn off the monitor from the keyboard?

I have tried setting the screen saver to blank and turn on after one minute, but I hate waiting a minute for it to come on and the mouse is often nudged so the screen saver goes off. And sometimes we use the keyboard to move between microscope filters.

This being a work computer, they don't want any software downloaded on to the computer. They don't even want us to change the wallpaper (god forbid). So can this be done with out the use of a program.

The computer is running XP.




8 years ago

Thanks, this is the solution that my collegues and I went with, it's simple and effective.

I know you've already solved your problem, but I came across this and it's better than your current solution.<br /><br />This autohotkey script assigns a hotkey which when pressed, sends a signal to put your monitor on standby. You can download autohotkey here, it's a powerful macro tool for Windows.<br /><br />Enjoy!<br />

If you're worried about wearing out the power switch, you can plug the monitor into a power strip and use the switch on that. Those are cheap enough to be considered disposable. Have you thought about just tossing a piece of black-out fabric over the monitor's face? That wouldn't work for CRTs due to the heat problem, but LCDs run cool enough that it shouldn't cause trouble if you don't keep it wrapped up all day.

Best answer. It's not really that good to turn them on and off so much.

It's not really that bad either. IBM had someone study this a few years ago, trying to decide whether wear and tear on the screens (and switches) would cost more than the power saved by turning them off. Conclusion was that while turning them on and off continuously might become an issue, it definitely made sense to turn them off when you were going to be out of the room for a while. Of course that's not quite on the same order as this question proposes, but still... Blanking the screen... In Windows, you could try Start/Turn Off/Standby. Or: open the Display Properties window, where you'll find a Preview button for the screensaver. (I've just discovered that my LCD screen doesn't actually power down its backlight when sleeping; I have to actually hit the power switch if I really want to save power and get a completely black screen. That's disappointing.)


8 years ago

a mac is the answer, then use windows bootcamp!

Could you move the machine to a different room or enclose it in a box / curtain enclosure? L

The best way, as has been stated already, is to use a program to do this with: as to which is best, only you can decide.

I have used a few, but I can't seem to find the one I had in the past. SO, I will just list one, and then where it came from:

Monitor Off

You can find this at Download.com


8 years ago

I have no personal knowledge about a bit of software called MonitorOff, but its available as a free download here:
Take a look at it and see if it suits your needs.

To avoid installing it on the work computer, you could install it on a thumb drive, set to auto-run so that all you have to do is plug the drive in.