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Is there a way to use my USB microphone with my PC acting as an amplifier? Answered

 I have a blue snowball microphone, and wanted to use it to amplify my vocals, but have no amp. I know how to record with it, but are there programs out there that will amplify its input?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Do you have a sound card or using the motherboard sound chip?

Which one?

Honestly I don't know...I'm running off some shotty laptops so I'm probably just running off the motherboard. I have no problem recording anything, that's easy enough, it's just using my compy as an amp that I'd like to do.

You can download "Audiacity".  It's free and you can do what you want with it.

But sometimes the sound lags since it is processed thru the computer.  At least you would get a chance to see if the amp was good enough to use anyway.

If its a usb microphone, it has a sound adc built in - you just need a program.  Anything as simple as windows 'sound recorder' or up to cool-edit-pro, or a pile of other pay-apps can record audio/add effects.