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Is there an IOS app similar to sketchup? Answered

I'm looking for an app to draw out plans for woodworking projects in 3D. Similar to sketchup, need to create to scale with measurements and be able to accurately align and position elements. Any help much appreciated thanks.



1 year ago

This is an old question, but it floated high on my Google search, so I thought I would update the answer.

Try shapr3D - VERY similar to Sketchup, more polished from the usability point of view. Requires an iPad Pro and pencil. Subscription at this moment is $99 per year.

IMHO, Shapr3d redefines 3D modeling and design, leveraging capabilities only made possible by the combination of the iPad use model and the pencil. You can try it (and do most things) for free. Subscription allows you to use colors and export to 3D file formats.

Thanks, that's really helpful, I've downloaded the app and it looks very useful but not too intuitive straight off so thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction, much appreciated.

Try 123d design. You'll need a free autocad account to export, but it's the closest I'm aware of. There is a Mac (and I presume PC) version as well where you can refine things with a little more control.

Actually, kudos to the b/c all the the 123d apps are both free and pretty easy to use.

Thanks, do you know if it allows for accurate measurements?

Yes, but it's a little screwy..

1 Create a primitive
2 select rescale or rotate
3 tap on the control (blue bar for scale, curved arrows for rotate)
4 it brings up a input where you can type in your dimensions/ rotation

Also, when you position pieces, hold the white arrow for a half second or so. You will enter a precise mode where you are moving it a lot less. (there's a help section in the app that's pretty good)

It's not perfect, but it's the best option I've found, particularly when I'm on the road and want to tinker with ideas. The other win is that if you ever want to 3d print your model, it produces very clean, watertight models.

I've put in a feature request to show the numbers while you manipulate the model: if you end up using it and feel the need, please give them the same feedback.

Finally, I think you can download it and play with it without having the autocad account. The reason I needed the account was that there wasn't a way to export the 3d models directly from the app. (you have to go through their web portal: not bad at all, but requires the account) (which may not matter for woodworking projects)

If you find a better option, let me know!

Best o' luck!

whoops. wrong about holding white arrow for precise mode. You can tap on it and get a text entry, but holding and dragging doesn't do anything beyond normal dragging.

And... the little cube icon in the upper right is the very useful home view button. (basically zooms out to where you can see your whole model)