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Is there an affordable way to take old fashioned slides from a jpeg file? Answered

I have a small non-profit network of galleries www.the-average-home.net but it is getting so expensive to have the slides made. I need help or it will stop.



Best Answer 8 years ago

 Many popular paint programs like Paint Shop Pro have this as a colorizing function already built in. It will probably cut you back to 256 colors, but it'll work.
After you adjust the colors, just print it out onto acetate and pop it in to your film strip projector as is.
Projectors are getting really cheap these days. That may be a better solution. Check Craigslist. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The least expensive way to go from digital to film is to get a high-res monitor (a good LCD is the simplest answer), calibrate it appropriately (hardware is available to help standardize monitors and printers, under $200 if I remember correctly), build a camera hood (to eliminate other light sources and reflections), equip a camera with a good flat-field lens (Canon's old 50mm FD-mount macro lens might be a good choice), and click off exposures onto your desired film.

Just be glad the LCD and high vertical resolution have solved the scan-line problem. We used to introduce some vertical jitter into the image to avoid having obvious retrace lines, and use long exposures to average that out... and it still didn't work all that well.

Beyond that... well, yeah, film has gotten deuced expensive. Which is a large part of why digital has been taking off.

I have gotten great results by using an SLR with a zoom lens to photograph a photo on an ordinary vacuum tube style monitor. Use 1024 by 768 resolution and make the photo fill the screen. Just dim the room lights...  no hood is needed. You may need to calibrate the colors on the monitor or use CC filters.

I believe it's the photo-film process which is the problem here.


If so, the answer is that there is no answer, at least that I'm aware of.

Unless the film is scrapped and the digital images are displayed with an LCD projector. LCD hack with the existing projector maybe? I'd be nice to feed a signal that gave the L-R slide switch effect.


You could get a digital projector, make one(?), otherwise the slide material & dyes etc are expensive.