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Is there an easy design to eliminate air leak in the breech system of a Nerf Longstrike? Answered

I have a Nerf Longstrike, which i have modded for better performance. I removed the air regulator in the barrel, plugged some holes in the piston, and put padding in to protect the pieces from the increased power of the piston. As i was trying different barrel mods, i noticed something. The breech has a long tube that serves the functions of shutting the breech, accepting the dart from the clip, and delivering the air from the piston. When the breech is closed, this tube sticks into the back of the actual barrel. I noticed that where this tube fits into the back of the barrel, there is a 1mm crack all the way around, letting all the air out. the barrel isn't even a sealed system! I have tried several methods to seal this, but all have failed, ruined the performance, or prevented firing. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? If i can seal this well, all the air will be used to pressurize the barrel, without rushing out of the breech tube after the dart has left. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

Have you tried silicone caulk?

I could try to make a seal of silicone that be breech tube could push against... ill look into it, but it isn't much different from something else i already tried with an O-ring.

Honestly, I'd think that silicone would slide more easily to one surface, and stick better to the surface to which it was applied, making it a bit better than a rubber O-ring.

try covering that hole (if there is one on the longstrike i don't have one so i don't know). And also try putting e-tape under the o-ring

all the holes i can cover effectively were covered.

I'm not speaking with much authority on this, but maybe try researching on how automatic firearms (real ones) use the gas pressure from the fired round to recock/reload.

it has really nothing to do with the reload mechanism, just a way to increase the efficiency of the gun by making the barrel more of a sealed system. thanks for the input though.