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Is there an existing diagram to create a USB crossover cable? Answered

I want to transfer files between 2 Linux computers without buying more flash drives, more SD cards, more network cards, more cables, etcetera. I only need this to work once in a great while.

Could I simply hack up a male A to male A USB cable and cross the data lines? That is how it goes for all other transfer cables I know of.... I'm guessing that makes the most sense, but I'm still guessing.

Can someone tell me if that should be enough to get the hardware "talking" properly.

Another question (to post later) will ask about using Linux on the 2 connected systems, but without a proper transfer cable, the second question is moot.



Take the HDD out of the one and put it in the other.


You will also need to setup UUCP on both computers so you can exchange files between both system.

1. No.

Usb is a host-client protocol, the ports on your computer are hosts and if they talk to another host, they get mad (hence the male-female convention on the cables).

2. Somewhat;
There are products that have a computer in the middle, and connect 2 usb devices -- they appear to each host as a storage/transfer device, and use proprietary software to xfer files.

3. Better option:
Most every computer these days has a network port -- plug the computers with a crossover network cable (about 2 dollars in parts if you make it yourself), or plug both into a router. Search on how to transfer files over the network in your OS of choice.