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Is there an way to display an clock with RetroPie? Answered

Hi,I want to build an arcade.I want to use RetroPie.But is there an way to display the clock and weather after an period of time of inactivity?

Sorry for bad english.

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iceng (author)2017-08-24

Clock is easy to program but weather.. Weather needs instruments or access to a weather signal.. Have you made a choice for the wheather source ?

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AnghelutaA (author)iceng2017-08-24

I want to use the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor.Is it possible?

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iceng (author)AnghelutaA2017-08-24

Of course, any group of sensors can be interfaced and read by the powerful Pie..

Look every sensor you can imagine needs a power input and

provides a signal output like an analog_voltage or frequency or ASCII text...

Well the same power that the Pie uses can also run a sensor and the Pie can read all of the outputs (even some not mentioned)...

Software programming will by required but that is why you use a microprocessor .... They are versatile by allowing any action by simply changing a few typed program instructions...

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