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Is there any classic car interior instructables out there? or a third party website perhaps? Answered

i have recently inherited  a jaguar mk2 from my grandfather, however due to negligence the interior is completely shot, ive identified three ares with follow up instructable in the future as;

upholstery (floors ceiling and seats)
interior electronics 
veneer wood panelling

does any one know where to get a start on any of these topics?
thank you 

p.s not my image it is just a display of a jaguar mk 2


LUCKY guy.

I should think the best place to look is on the owners club website.


That makes sense to me. Those who have similar cars will be your best set of recommendations for parts, techniques, and finding documentation on what the "correct" materials are (and what they will and won't forgive you for using as replacements if you can't get the originals).

Have fun!

...and won't forgive you for using as replacements if you can't get the originals

Boy is that the truth :-) You should meet the rivet-counters in my Landrover group.


thanks guys, ive decided that the best start is the woodwork, better get veneering!

Yes, and a useful trick there is to use PVA glue, let it dry on both parts of the job, then IRON the veneer onto the panel....