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Is there any free software for making and designing your own OS?any suggestions? Answered

hey, i would really like to make my own OS(everyone does), but i am finding the correct way to do so! i now how to program in java, and i think thats enough for writing the program of the operating system but still i dont know the way how to do it and the tools to use and from were to start ! if somebody knows please tell me, thanks very much.


i actually DO this - fork of KDE 3.5 this is not a complete operating system but a common desktop for linux i think you dont need much more than computer and common sense to mod and tweak existing stuff

mm thanks very much, actually i personally use a distro based on KDE which is slax, that would be a good start..


9 years ago

A good C compiler with a bit of assembler capability is sufficient to write an OS, assuming you have good documentation and/or a BIOS already written (chip documentation sufficient to write initialization details normally done by an x86 bios are apparently VERY proprietary and mostly unavailable to mere mortals.) It's also possible to write a pretty complete operating system that runs as a process "underneath" some other operating system. For instance, the ASR1000 series of cisco Routers runs cisco's "IOS" operating system as a single linux process...


9 years ago

Well if you're actually looking to design your own OS... ACM office dev environment would be a good bet. Here's a link to a good tutorial... LINK!

Otherwise though, you probably just want to mess around with the linux kernel and make your own version, like SLAX or Ubuntu.

Yeah, no problem. Good luck with it. Post an instructable or a slideshow or something if you get it done.

Any suggestions? Master's degree in software engineering, although if you go it alone by the time you get usable chunks done the machines will change again and you'll have to rewrite. There are reasons why OS development is a team effort, and why the two major versions for PCs have existed for so long without competition.

Are you using the right term? The OS is like DOS or GNU, that which operates on the machine's most basic level, interrupts, I/O, memory addressing, etc. That is what takes time to develop, what I'm referring to above. If you're talking about what runs on the OS, like Linux or Windows, well that you could possibly do yourself. For that you can start with GNU, lots of tools available.

thanks very much for the info! now i understand! i want to have tools to make stuff like linux and windows that run on the OS! thanks very much for the link!

You can start off by using linux, and modifying it's folders such as its kernel and source code. I just did a quick search and couldn't find any software to make an OS, but I will keep searching.