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Is there any other video intro than star wars, say universal or paramount? if so where. Rick? Answered


Que? What are you asking, what you do want to find / use / do? L

I'm guessing he wants the style used for his own... Many video editing suites have various text display filters, and the scrolling of text can be done in many ways. I think that's what you're after.

You seem to have a real insight into these questions, where I haven't got a clue what they want, you seem to know exactly what's going on in their minds. Do you work / have you worked on an IT helpdesk or something similar? L

...indeed - for a year of college, before deciding I like MY computer, not fixing others :P

Either way, you have to think in the mind of the asker...if I was asking something I didnt know, and didn't use the knowledge I have...how would I phrase it..like integral math, going backwards

I managed to work out IT helpdesk... But I have an aversion to writing a question for someone as well as answering it I suppose.

Thanks for the detail.


it's not comfortable - but someone's gotta do it :D


9 years ago

For a cool text version of Star Wars, in Windows XP, do the following: -Open the start button, then run -type in "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" (without the quotation marks obviously) Anyway, I thought this might be something like what you were asking for because I really have no idea what you mean