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Is there any place i can find a sewing pattern for a converse high top style shoe...or does anyone have one? Answered

I was wondering if there is a place on the web where i can download or print of a sewing pattern for a converse high top style shoe? I am trying to make a pair out of biodegradable materials...and im having a hard time finding the actual pattern for the cloth part of the shoe...thanks


Find or buy someone's old worn-out pair, and dissect _those_ to obtain patterns. (No reason to pay new price for a sacrificial pair, after all.)

You might be able to accomplish the equivalent by dissecting other kinds of sewn boots, for that matter.

you could check on-line but RD is right plus you can always have them so you can make more so it might be worth that extra cash up front to just buy a pair and then take them apart then just reuse the pattern over and over again.

Buy or find a pair and "unsew" them for the pattern. It would be best if they were the right size.

I wouldn't think there is a chance of finding a pattern online.