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Is there any way I can hide my speakers but still allow them to be heard? Answered

They are hooked up to my mp3 player.



8 years ago

Yes, there are lots of ways. As long as the wires are long enough, you can place them about anywhere. If they are stereo speakers, you might want to place them so both speakers can be heard equally. For placing, you might consider placing them in a high place (A shelf or the roof are good choices). If you place them high up, you can hide them easily and still be able to hear the sound pretty well. You can also decorate around the speakers, so they are less visible. Again, use you imagination!

They were really computer speakers.

Speakers are just some magnets, metal and wires, so it's advertised use is pretty irrelevant as long as you can use it for what you want.

Classic solution was to build them into cabinets behind a decorative metal grille or a layer of loose fabric ("speaker cloth"). Expensive solution is to install small "satellite" speakers, which are easier to hide, for the higher (and more directional) frequencies and use a subwoofer to fill in the low end.

Place them in a location uneasily seen and point them at the wall to reflect the output