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Is there any way for me to build a cell phone and have it act like a parasite on other cell phone companies towers? Answered




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It's been done a lot.  There is equipment out there that can read the  info of a cell phone in use and then clone the phone codes.

But it's expensive and illegal to have unless you are a cell phone co.

If you did figure out how to get the equipment you won't know when they figure out you are cloning phones and you won't know when or where they are going to pick you up.  And they will.  Remember that the phone you are using is point them right back to you,

Work on a better project like getting 100 watts of tube like sound out of a 386 amp.

 well i really just want to see if I could do it at least while I come up with an idea on how to trap the energy of lightning but I am only 15 sooo

Trapping lightning energy is easier. You just carry a big metal pole around during a thunderstorm. The electricity will be trapped inside your body for several milliseconds, right before your eyeballs explode.

 ummm i meant without killing myself and use the energy stored to power my house or some cool sh*t like that

 yeah but the thing is is that i am to young to buy some of the things I know i will need for my energy project


8 years ago

I would think there would be security and encryption issues that would be hard to get around. Considering how many people have cellphones, and the fact that there's virtually no talk of someone having done this, I would say no, it's not possible.

 it is possible i heard of a guy who did it in europe

If one person could do it without inside access, then everyone could, and would, be doing the same. Do you know why people spend so much money every year on their cellphone? Because they have to. :)

 i would still like to try i really dont care if the feds find out that a 15 year old guy did this it just goes to show that the security sucks 

True, but, the security doesn't suck, it actually works rather well. Kudos if you make it happen, but it'll be a tough battle. I'm not sure what you're basing the premise that the security sucks on, because if it sucked, everyone would already doing exactly what you're trying to do.

 well yes but not to get to political but the society has been dumbed down so much that they expect everything to be handed to them but I at least want to make a point that people need to use their brains and creativity and i want free calls

Not really, hackers still revel in the idea of a challenge, it's just gotten to the point where security is getting tighter and tighter, to a point of not being able to circumvent it without inside information, no matter how educated and motivated they are. People don't expect everything handed to them, they're willing to pay for it. I'm not sure how much you know about the telephone system we're referring to, but I'm willing to bet a huge amount that once you get even close to the point where you know enough to hack that system, you realize it's not possible, even WITH inside information. People already DO use their brains and creativity, but they typically don't waste their time on futility.
Think about the whole HD-DVD issue: There were WAY fewer HD-DVD players out there than cellphones. Once ONE person hacked the encryption, everyone had access to it. And that was a system that one had right in their hand, not a cellphone where they only have access to a piece of hardware that is under the control of that network.

 yes but if the security  is getting tighter and tighter why is the iraq people intelligence able to hack into the U.S. military's mainframe and turn some of our UAV's against us using a 20$ software from russia? mmmmmmmmm? i want to show america that they need to freakin buck up and if they cant even detect a 15 year old dude cloning phones and having a phone parasite off of the main companies towers how do they expect to secure national security eh?

"iraq people intelligence able to hack into the U.S. military's mainframe and turn some of our UAV's against us using a 20$ software from russia?"

When? You didn't by any chance hear this from the same person that said someone in Europe hacked the cellphones, did you?

Reference?  "I heard of a guy" isn't evidence.

 hans Gerer a a failed german mathimatician

 times, wallstreet journal, economist and it might of been a greek failed mathimatician 

You want free-calls?
If you could do this you wouldn't be asking the question.


 it is not that i want free calls L but well..........................yeah i do but i was just wodering if there was a way to do this with an already existing phone or a custom built one

You have to use their network, the base-stations are just a way of accessing those networks. There are people who will offer free SIMs, try finding something that might work for you?