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Is there any way of seeing how many votes an 'ible has got in a contest? Answered

My dad signed up recently for Instructables, and he's entered into 2 contests (ShopBot and Furniture) with this project.

Is there any way of seeing how many votes he has? (I'm still new here too).



Best Answer 6 years ago

It used to be that when you click on the vote button on the your instructable the current number of votes would appear. However you would also be able to see how many votes other entries would have so things became really competitive like people getting everyone they know to become members so that they can vote or creating multiple fake memberships. They made it so that you can no longer see the number of votes to eliminate some of that nastiness.

However, vote counts only determine which entries make up half of the finalists the other half are chosen by those running the contest, and at the end of the day a panel of judges decides the winner. So you can have 1 vote and win or have the most votes and not win.

Ahhhha..... that's good to know. It makes sense to ditch the numbers if people are resorting to childish means of padding the ballot box.

I just had no idea how the process worked, but now I know. Thanks :D

I'm glad I read this answer I have now deleted an instructable that encouraged people to vote, it was all very innocent

I'm glad they don't just rely on votes as ChrysN said. I'm sure people go to almost any lengths to win, although simply "encouraging" people to vote seems harmless enough.

Doing it with judges makes the whole thing a bit more fair.

By the way, what contest are you trying to win?

It seems that one has to be paranoid so as not to do the 'wrong' thing, understanding that there will always be people who don't play by the rules, I suppose they keep the rest of us on our toes!

The contest I hope to win is the shopbot challenge, I've entered 2 instructables.

Thanks for asking the questions, it is good to know we have a 'fair' chance of winning.

Absolutely! - On that note, I shall go and see your entries. If I like them I'll give you a vote. No pressure or anything, but if you want to look at my dad's project (link is above in the question) and you like it, well.... you know what to do. *wink* :D

Seems fair enough. Right?

Only just got this note after I voted for you. Your Dad's table is fantastic and yes I voted for him!

Thank you. I voted and commented on yours as well. I really like the iPhonograph. Very cool concept and I like the play off the apple products with the name.

I'm sure you have a good chance in winning. You've got a lot of views (as did my dad) in only a day or two.

I'm not holding much hope with my candleholder, but it doesn't hurt to enter anyway. I got about 2500 views in a couple weeks, but since Christmas it hasn't really been viewed much.

You will always have a few people who think they've seen something similar or otherwise but in the end you created and possibly what they saw was an oil burner or some such!

Oh no. That's not what I meant. No one commented about my project saying they saw something similar. I was a little vague, but I meant that I have seen some contest entries that I know for a fact were taken right out of a magazine or off another website (not belonging to the instructable author).

Sorry, didn't mean to confuse. :)

It was late my brains were a bit scrambled now I understand, and yes I've seen that to, if they credit the author at least recognition could go to the originator.

I suppose, but I think the whole point of the contest is lost when people take a recipe from a magazine and try to pass it off as their original creation. I entered 2 recipes in the cookie challenge, the other one was "Chocolate Covered Raisin Peanut Butter Cookies". That recipe is entirely mine and was sort of conceived by accident.

Chocolate Covered Raisin Peanut Butter Cookies. I think that is definitly original, but they sound kind of good.

Good luck on your contests. I am also entered in some contests.

Thank you. - If you want to check out the recipe you can see them here.

They only require 4 ingredients to make them. (No flour). So they are fast, inexpensive and easy to make.

And a vote couldn't hurt either. :D

Anyway you got my vote for your easy snowflake candle holder, it looks very pretty!

Well thank you very much :D It was my own design and idea. I know a few people have been posting "not so original" ideas in various contests... and I'm not so sure that's really fair.