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Is there any way to charge a cell phone off a TV with very few supplies available? Answered

I need to know in the most desperate of ways how to charge a cell phone off of a Clear Tune 13" Flat Screen TV. It has a USB port, but there is not going to be any access to a USB plug. It also has an HDMI plug and a couple other plugs. (Again no cables) I know there is a way to do it but I can't contact the person I know that had done it. Even if it requires me to open up the TV that is fine. I need step by step instructions and details. Any help would be great. Please keep in mind that I only have the most basic supplies to work with. (wire, tape, etc.  Side note....I have been trying to figure out how to pull power off the USB port without the USB cord. Is this possible with basic wire??


Lets see...

Option 1: tear apart the TV to get at the back side of the USB plug to try and tape a wire to the power pins on the USB plug. Then to try and shove said wires up against teh contacts on your phones usb plug in hopes of charging it. All the while risking damaging the TV beyond repair and shorting out both the TV and the phone.

Option 2: borrowing a USB cable from a friend or spending the $10 to buy a new one for the phone.

Option 1 is possible but the risks involved are not worth it. maybe if you had a soldering gun and where willing to pull the phone apart so you could solder the phone to the TV it would work with less risk of destroying things. It wouldn't be that much less of a risk. But whats the point of attaching the phone to the TV like that.

Stick with option 2!

You'd rather dismantle the TV than scrounge a USB cord?