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Is there any way to make a high voltage supply from a disposable camera? Answered

I want to make a high voltage supply with a camera.It needs to produce more than 380 volts.


if you take off the capacitor and solder two wires where it went and it constantly puts out a high voltage.

Get an old small Color TV and strip it till you get hold of the caphode ray tube . use the voltage from the camera to power the caphode ray tube . These give off thousands of volts . Better still, I saw an Instructable on how to power a small color TV with only a 1.5 volt battery . The TV uses a caphode ray tube which produce very high voltage

No,it is not only 1.5 volts.I have very easily gotten 330v from a disposable camera.And I get my cameras used&free; from walmart.

sorry, i thought they only had an AA battery. I just looked on the internet, and that's what I found. I should have asked my dad. He knows all this stuff

They do have a 1.5 volt battery but they also have a small transformer inside.

Its not a transformer, its a capacitor. Would everyone please know what they are talking about before they go an answer a question, thanks.

haha how ironic, youre obviously talking about yourself with that comment. The do have a transformer which provides the high voltage. The electrolytic capacitor which I assume you are talking about doesn't need to be there to produce a high voltage. It will, however, store the electricity and disharge it producing an an even nastier shock if you touch someone with it. (Great for coilguns)

They have a capacitor,yes but they do have a transformer inside.


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Actually, disposable cameras contain a rather decent capacitor. When I worked at a Film Developing place, we would have access to a whole 55 gallon plastic drum - full of disposable camera bodies. A coworker once harvested a ton of the capacitors from them and made a bank that would discharge with a loud pop. So you can achieve high voltages with them, but only briefly.