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Is there any way to make "perforated" paper without having to buy expensive equipment? Answered

I wanted to make a notebook (using scrap paper from the recycling bin), but I also wanted it to have perforations so that I could easily tear the pages out.


If you have access to a sewing machine, you can perforate the paper by "sewing" across it without thread in the needle. I've done this successfully on card stock to make raffle tickets, so I know it works.

Thanks for the advice, its by far the easiest solution among all the posts here. Would never have thought of it.

Here's a picture of the guy you're looking for. I got him at Wal-Mart for a few bucks. Here's a tip when you're perforating- get a ruler to trace your lines against, but go slow with a healthy amount of pressure. The slow part is to assure you don't veer from the ruler, and the hard part is to ensure that you make the holes big enough to be able to tear on. Just to emphasize the rule of "P for Plenty", I go up and down the ruler a few times. When I do go to tear the pages out on my home made notebooks, I fold them over on the perforations, run my nail along it once to emphasize the crease, and then tearing usually goes well enough. So remember, when making your holes, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Good luck!

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in the fabric dept. at walmartyou might find a cutting wheel(small pizza cutter)file notches into it then roll your perforations in a straight line

The fabric department has a 'ponce wheel' for tracing patterns. It looks like a tiny pizza cutter but with teeth or a tiny circular saw. Not terribly sharp or strong metal.