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Is there any way to manipulate/hack a NWZ-E436F 4gb mp3 player? Answered

i have a NWZ-E436F sony walkman mp3 and mp4 player and i'm getting bored with it. I like the music and video viewing but i would also like to custimize it in any way. Iwould also like to add simple aplications on it like a caculator. My search has been endless and i would greatly admire someone who can help me with my problem. plz and thnx


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lemonie (author)2009-06-16

Add tape?
Short of strapping a calculator to it, you'll find it difficult to create that feature.
Search about for "steampunk" perhaps (for ideas)?


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thecookiemonster (author)2009-06-16

mabye you could make a fun case for it like put it in a lego case or put it in a kids toy!!!

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